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You can’t find anything that’s quite like the feeling you get out on the water — the wind in your face, water misting your legs and feet, laughing with friends and family as the sun sends shimmering rays across the waves. Being out on the water is revitalizing. At the Starboard Rail, we want to give you the apparel that fits your passion for the water both on and off it.

Our online clothing store for boaters is stocked with tees, tanks, and jackets. If you want to find the perfect shirt to wear out on your boat or around town, we have options for you.

Nautical Apparel for Every Occasion

You want to feel good while you’re out on the water, which means the right clothing is key. Our clothing is made to last and feel comfortable while you wear it. Our tees and tanks are perfect for an easy throw-on item while you’re out on the boat to keep your skin protected from the beating sun. They also make a comfortable choice to wear around town or home after you’ve finished on the water.

Our jackets and hoodies are also a valuable addition to your wardrobe for those cooler evenings you spend on the water. Whatever your reason for buying our clothing for boaters, we know you’ll be satisfied with our high-quality apparel and accessories. Our clothing is made for you to display your passion anywhere you are. Additionally, our items are all reasonably priced.

Quality Clothing You Can Trust

The Starboard Rail shares your love of boating and wants to meet your clothing needs. We have spent much of our lives on the water, so we know what kind of clothing fits best, feels best, and looks best. That’s why all of our clothing is of the highest quality and design so you can feel good while you wear it and look good too.

Browse our products today to find the perfect choice for the boater inside you. You can also call us at (716) 517 5435 or use our contact page to send us a message.